Château Raveaux

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Château Raveaux


1ères Côtes de Blaye Red

Well-balanced and powerful but supple wine  with a good presence of tannins and a good fruit. To taste over red meats, little game and cheeses. 

On the district of Cars near Blaye on a plateau and slopes oriented South-East and East and dominating at 50-60m and 3 km from the Gironde River. The estate was created by Mr Raveaux at the beginning of the 18th century. The family then emigrated to Brasil for 50 years before coming back to run the estate beginning of the 19th century. Their heir, Mr Petit has been looking after the estate since 1976. 

VINEYARD AREA 13.5 hectares 

SOIL Clayey-calcareous and clayey-siliceous 

GRAPE VARIETIES 90% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Malbec 

AGE OF THE VINES about 30 years 

HARVESTING Mechanical harvesting at full ripeness and sorting out at the cellar. 

WINEMAKING Traditional winemaking in concrete vats at 30°with a cooler. A twenty-day maceration and daily pumping-over. 

AGING In stainless steel vats and a part in oak barrels. Six rackings in the year. The wine is bottled 18 months after the harvest. 

PRODUCTION About 80 000 bottles a year 


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