Echo de Lynch-Bages (2nd Lynch Bages)

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Chateau Lynch Bages.jpg

Echo de Lynch-Bages (2nd Lynch Bages)


Surface 90 hectares

Garonne Gravel Harvest: Hand-picked and sorted at the vineyard Ageing Wooden barrels for 18 months (75% new wood)
Blending 72 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 20 % Merlot, 6 % Cabernet Franc, 2 % Petit Verdot
Production 64% of the harvest

Following a rainy winter, the soil was given yet another soaking during the equally wet spring. Although budburst was surprisingly homogeneous, this cool weather slowed down the growth of the vines. Later, the combination of sunny days and high temperatures in July and August raised hopes for a slight compensation for the phenological delay in the vines, however harvesting was very late. Veraison ended up being homogeneous, accompanied by a rapid ripening of the skins at the end of september. The organisation of our teams and the availability of the grape pickers were a terrific boon, providing tremendous responsiveness during this difficult end to the season. The average yield per hectare at Lynch-Bages was historically very low (31.5 hl/ha), reduced mainly by problematic flowering conditions. Lynch-Bages 2013 displays an intense red colour and a complex nose, combining aromas of black fruits, violet and pepper with subtle woody notes. The attack is full, suave, and balanced by a certain nervousness. The wine offers a nice balance combining aromatic elegance with fine tannins.

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