Château Bellevue La Foret (Wood) Classic


Château Bellevue La Foret (Wood) Classic


Close to Toulouse, the vineyards of Fronton, spreads across vast terraces, situated between the Garonne and Tarn rivers, as you leave the town via the right bank. 

The presence of iron and quartz in this poor and gravelly soil brings out characteristics specific to the Négrette grape variety : aromas of violet and berries (black berry, cherry and black currant). A genuine, unique wine, boasting its terroir of origin. 

55% Négrette, 25% Syrah, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Cabernet Franc. 
The unique Négrette variety appeared during the 12th century under the name, "Mavro" (black in Greek), when it was brought back from Cyprus by the knights of the order of Saint-Jean of Jerusalem. Capricious, it only acclimatised to the terroir of Fronton; Négrette is one of the few varieties producing wines with the same aromas as those expressed when tasting the ripened fruit. 

The varieties are vinified individually, according to Bordeaux winemaking practices. Fermentation temperatures (26 - 28°C), as well as pumping over, vary depending upon the different grape varieties, in order to bring out their respective qualities. Following malo-lactic fermentation, the gentle addition of oxygen using micro-bubbles, results in colour stabilisation and softens the tannins. Vatting for three to four weeks depending upon the varieties. Following malo-lactic fermentation and micro-oxygenation, the type of blend is determined once each vat has been tasted and analysed. After a vat-maturing for 2 years, this attractive wine, fresh and elegant will be bottled. 

Deep red and purple in colour with violet tints. 

Ripe red fruits or cassis and Blueberries predominate. Some spices such as liquorice and pepper add to the complexity. 

A wine with a full bouquet and great lenght in the mouth. 

Ready to drink now but will keep for 4 or 5 years. 

Sirloin steak Bordeaux style, veal liver with sweet onions, roasted pork with thyme, Brie from Meaux cheese. 


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