Standing Stone Vineyards Vidal Ice Wine


Standing Stone Vineyards Vidal Ice Wine


Technical Information
Total Acid 8.25 g/l
Residual Sugar 20.5%
pH 3.62

Vintage Notes
Very early bud break, lots of sunshine throughout harvest marked the 2012 vintage. Our Vidal vines grow well and produce lovely ripe fruit, which maintains crisp acidity, even in a hot and dry year.

Vineyard Information
Vidal is a cross of Ugni Blanc (aka Trebbiano) and Rayon d’Or. This exceptional vineyard was the subject of extensive research prior to planting. Charles Fournier and Guy DeVeaux of Gold Seal Vineyards planted this vineyard in 1975. Their research at several test sites over a number of years showed them the merits of the combination of soil, proximity to the lake, air drainage and direction at this particular site. The vines have flourished over the years, and produce lovely fruit that makes enjoyable wine of several styles, including dry, semi dry, and dessert wines.

Winemaking Information
We wait to pick the grapes until the leaves are off the vines, and the grapes have frozen somewhat. After picking the grapes, we put them in COLD storage (less than 0 Fahrenheit) and wait until they are

frozen very solid. We press the grapes while they are very frozen, and the initial brix of the juice coming off the press is between 40 and 50. We use special yeast that can withstand the very cold temperatures and the high osmotic pressure of the juice, and we monitor the fermentation carefully. By keeping a clean and steady fermentation, we maximize the rich fruit flavors and opulent mouth feel and structure.

Tasting Notes
Remarkably balanced, with bold apricot flavors and bright melons and citrus, supported by an explosive texture with a truly wowing mouth feel.

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