The Masciarelli Wine Company is a family-owned business focused on importing and distributing only the finest quality artisanal limited-production wines. Our diverse portfolio of wines is distributed in 27 states to 31 wholesalers throughout the United States.





Nicola Masciarelli is the father of Masciarelli Wine Company. In 1987 Nicola founded Masciarelli Wine Company in Massachusetts and quickly became well known for the quality of his products and for the way in which he conducted business: like family. Nicola was no stranger to wine. The Masciarelli Estate in the Italian center region of Abruzzo was founded in 1981 by his cousin Gianni Masciarelli, a pioneer wine producer. Nicola created an extensive portfolio of fabulous wines and his legacy is now being carried on by his daughter Roberta and her husband Joe Spagnuolo.






Masciarelli Wine Company strives to deal directly with the winery whenever possible and seek out small estates producing high-quality wines that would be overlooked in larger brand-driven portfolios.

We place a very high value on the qualities that make up a family: passion, dedication, loyalty, unity, integrity and service. These values are consistently lived at Masciarelli Wine Company and they can be. We have a passion for wine and we enjoy spreading this passion. Our team shares our vision and actively promotes the values we stand behind.

Our Portfolio

We carry and actively sell and manage over 1,000 different wines from all over the world including wines from Italy, France, Spain, Argentina, Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Portugal, and South Africa. This is complemented with a distinctive mix of over 150 domestic wines made here in the United States.

We take great pride in surprising customers with our eye-catching depth and range of our French offerings, especially Bordeaux. We are considered by many to have to the finest and broadest Bordeaux selection as carefully curated by the well-honed talents of our General Manager, Louis Polcari.

 Our Domestic and New World offerings do not take a back seat to anyone. Our Winery partners in this space are a mix of famous and not-so-famous properties that craft beautiful wines that span a wide range of styles and price points.

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