Mountain View Pinot Noir “Dryhole Vineyard” Chalone


Mountain View Pinot Noir “Dryhole Vineyard” Chalone


Vineyard Location “Dryhole vineyard” Monterey Mountains (Chalone) 
Soil Types Sandy Loam /clay
Planted 2007 North/South Axis
Alcohol 13.9%.
Aging 12 months in French oak barrels

Pinot Noir from our Dryhole vineyard located in the Chalone region of the Monterey Mountains. Sunny daytime climates of this mountainous vineyard are typically subjected to cool coast fog each afternoon. This temperature reduction (natural air conditioning) is what helps create the wonderful pinot noir flavors. We are able to have a longer growing season, to enable the grapes additional time to develop even ripeness and wonderful flavors. The grapes are hand picked and each bunch sorted to find the perfect ripeness. The grapes spent 14 days in primary fermentation, extracting the tannins and color from the delicate skins. The wine was then transferred to French oak barrels for 12 months of aging – before being bottled.

Tasting Notes
After 12 months of aging the wine in French oak barrels, this wine shows red fruit flavors and plum aromas on the nose. This wine is very smooth and delicate and displays the proper spices expected in a top-level Pinot Noir. 

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