Yorkville Cellars (Mendocino Organic) Semillon

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Yorkville Cellars (Mendocino Organic) Semillon


With limited plantings in California, (less than 1,000 acres) it is becoming difficult to find Semillon bottled separately.  Semillon (Se-mee-yohn). With more being found out about wine grape origins every year, Semillon remains something of a mystery. It is the grape with the golden skin, capable of making, with the help of Botrytis (noble rot), the world’s best sweet wines. At one time, 90% of all vines planted in South Africa were Semillon, and Australia produces amazing very dry Semillon, But the grape seems to have appeared in south-west France out of nowhere somewhere in the high mediaeval period. The similarities in vines and resultant wines suggest a link between Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc, but to date DNA testing is inconclusive. It’s thought that the name itself is either a truncation of the word Saint-Emilion, suggesting the area that it was first largely cultivated, or that it might derive from the Occitan word for “seed.”

Semillon is notable as being one of the few white varietals that is very ageable; so your choice: enjoy it now or let it develop a bit more and include it in a special occasion.

This dry white has is nicely balanced with an upfront minerality and has a rich, honeyed texture with pear and apricot flavors. Great with crab! A favorite grape of our local wild boar; we have to fight to keep our share!

Winemaker Notes

Crushed directly to the press after an early morning harvest on Oct 12th, cold settled for 24 hours and then transferred to French oak cooperage for fermentation. After malolactic fermentation was complete the wine was aged on the lees for about eight months before bottling. This wine can be consumed young, or aged for 5-10 years for an extraordinary experience.


100% Semillon

Alcohol: 13.5%

Total Acidity: 7.4 gm/ liter

pH: 3.26

Barrel Aged: 5 mos.

Residual Sugar: Dry

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