Château Fougas Maldoror


Château Fougas Maldoror


The chateau boasts just over 21 hectares of unbroken vines on a plateau surrounding the 18th-century manor house. The soils comprise blue and red ferruginous clay interspersed with sand and gravel on a limestone bedrock of Fronsadais molasse. Clay on the surface imparts freshness and suppleness and imbues the tannins with finesse whilst the limestone bedrock adds balance.

The vineyard site is totally befitting Jean-Yves and Michèle Béchet’s ambition of producing wines with a distinctive sense of place. Since 2007, when they began the switch-over, their wines have been farmed according to organic specifications, followed by a commitment to biodynamics in 2009.

Château Maldoror and Château Fougas Forces de Vie illustrate a determination by the Béchets to produce wines mirroring their ethics, that show deference to those who enjoy them and protect life in the soils for future generations.


“We want our wines to show sense of place. We favour violet expression over tar and refinement over concentration. We distance ourselves from the latest trends, but remain close to the earth and are attached to the authenticity exuded by sound, mellow, refined and elegant wines laden with beautiful aromas of spices and fruits”.

Distinguishing features:

“We joined the In a Bottle Club to support an approach to promotion that hinges on wines and terroir-driven signature styles. Thomas Duclos joined us for blending the 2015s at Fougas and we play an active part in the dynamics of Oenoteam. They understand our philosophy”.



Château Fougas Maldoror

Côtes de Bourg

Vineyards certified organic and biodynamic
Sandy-gravel clay over a limestone bedrock of Fronsadais molasse.
Varietal range: 75 % Merlot, 25 % Cabernet-Sauvignon.
Ageing: 18 months in casks.

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