Château le Monastere (organic)

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Château le Monastere (organic)


Beautiful red colour. Fine nose showing red fruit intertwined with floral notes. Slight vividness on the palate, well-balanced and persisting finish.

LOCATION: The estate belonging to Mr Grenier and located on the road of Pugnac – Bourg sur Gironde, in the village of Lansac.

VINEYARD AREA: 35 hectares in organic viticulture since 1989

SOIL : Clayey-calcareous hills (40%) and clayey-silty slopes (60%)

GRAPE VARIETALS: 80 % Merlot, 15 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Malbec Average age of the vines : 25 years old for the cabernet, 30 for the Merlots and Malbec

WORK OF THE VINES AND HARVESTING: Eco-friendly processes with no chemical fertilizer, no pesticides. Mechanical harvesting with the new beating systems to preserve the shoots and vine stocks.

VINIFICATION : Traditional vinification in thermo-regulated stainless steel vats. Trend to make fruitier and less tannic wines (no yeasts, no fining, no enzyms).

ANNUAL PRODUCTION : 75,000 bottles

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