Domaine Du Bouscat Caduce


Domaine Du Bouscat Caduce


The Domaine du Bouscat, which is layed on a south slope near Saint André de Cubzac, was created by the family Dubernard at the end of the 19th century. As an ancestor Dubernard was member of the Academy of Pharmacy of Paris and was convinced that the Domaine du Bouscat had therapeutic effects, the wine was sold by pharmacies until the beginning of the 20th century. That is why there is a caduceus in the family emblem.
The actual owner, François Dubernard, a passionate winegrower who represents the fifth generation, continues the constant research of quality which characterizes his family and always tries to improve the wines of the domain. The domain has always been a precursory in the respect of the vineyard and the winemaking. Thus, as reasonable use of phytosanitary treatments, use of products with a bio-label, maturing on the lees, limitation of SO2 (sulphur), micro-oxygenation (continuous adding of oxygene), collaboration with different coopers in order to improve the quality from year to year, but under respect of the tradition and of the identity of the wine.

Wine with a ruby color and purpule hints. The nose is warm, with some notes of raspberry, spice and mint. The attack in mouth is round, well ripe. Tannins, well worked, give a good constitution to this wine. The final length is good quality.

Location Parcels are situated on hills exposed South.
Soils clay-limestone.
Total surface 10ha.
Density of planting 4500 to 5500 vines/ha.
Grape varieties 70 % Merlot, 5 % Malbec, 5 % Cabernet Franc, 20 % Cabernet Sauvignon.
Average age of the vines 32 years
Yields 46 hl/ha.
Cultural methods Sustainable viticulture,  3/4 of the surface are plowed artifical grassing a row on two, only organic amendment are brought, de-budding during the pruning,  one leaf removol the side of the sun is rising

Winemaking traditional with a cold prefermentation at low tempe-rature for 5 days (5 °c) and a maceration after alcoholic fermentation for 21 days.

Maturation in coated vats with micro-oxygenation and if necessary intermittent doses of oxygen (cliquage).

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