Esprit de Clocher


Esprit de Clocher


Beautiful wine with already very mellow tannins, meaty and slightly woody. Advised with red meat, games and cooked fowls.

LOCATION: In Pomerol, in the heart of the famous plateau of

Pomerol. This wine comes from blending of several known wines of

the appellation. It comes from young vines. We supervise the


SOIL: Clayey-gravelly on a light iron pan layer.

GRAPE VARIETIES: 80 % Merlot, 20 % Cabernet Franc.

HARVESTING: Hand picking at full ripeness of the grapes.

WINEMAKING: Traditional with a long maceration in

thermoregulated cement vats.

AGEING : Ageing partially in oak barrels

PRODUCTION: About 30 000 bottles per year.

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