Château Filhot (Deuxieme Cru)


Château Filhot (Deuxieme Cru)


The Château FILHOT was fonded in 1709 by Romain de FILHOT and is now owned and managed by one of his descendants: count Henri de Vaucelles.
The estate covers an area of 350 hectares with 62 hectares of vineyard all along the south of the Sauternes village in the Sauternes appellation


The Château FILHOT is a classic Sauternes with specific fresh Sauvignon Blanc flavors character (36% Sauvignon blanc in the blend).


Vineyard position : South of the village of Sauternes on south-west facing slopes

Harvesting : By hand with successive passages through the vines


Fermentations : In 50 hectolitre temperature-controlled stainless steel vats

Temperature of fermentation : Between 19 and 21 degrés C

Length of fermentation : From 10 to 30 days depending to the grape variety and the concentration

Filtration : Light and gentle filtration 10 months after the fermentation (no sterile filtration)

Blending : Approximately 14 months after fermentation

Maturing : 2 years in barrel and vats

Barrels : Oak from the Allier forest of central France, 1/3 new barrels yearly

Bottling : 20 to 24 months after fermentation

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