Chateau Potensac (Cru Bourgeois Exceptional)


Chateau Potensac (Cru Bourgeois Exceptional)


LOCATION: The vineyards of Potensac are located in Ordonnac, in the Médoc appellation, and incorporate the vines of three properties managed as a single entity, these being Potensac, Gallais-Bellevue and Lassalle.

VINEYARD AREA: 53 hectares.

SOIL: The terroir has the familiar alluvial gravel of the left bank with some red clay

GRAPE VARIETIES: Cabernet franc 14 % - Cabernet sauvignon 38 % - Merlot 48 %

Age of the vineyard: 30 years




HARVESTING :  Yields are restricted to approximately 35 hl/ha, and once harvested by hand the fruit is fermented at a maximum temperature of 28ºC in stainless steels and concrete vats, with 15 to 18 days maceration and constant pumping over. There is a rigorous selection for the grand vin Chateau Potensac




WINEMAKING : Traditional winemaking variety by variety in thermo regulated stainless steel vats. Long maceration (25 to 30 days).




AGEING : Potensac will see up to 16 months in those aforementioned oak barrels, before an egg white fining and then bottling without filtration




PRODUCTION : 25 000 cases per year.

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