Château Rieussec (Premier Cru)


Château Rieussec (Premier Cru)


Grape varieties: 90 to 95% Sémillon, 5 to 10% Muscadelle and Sauvignon. 
ageing in oak barrels:18 to 26 months depending on the year, 50 to 55% in new barrels.
Average annual production:Varies a great deal depending on the vintage, but on average is about 6,000 cases (however, none was made in 1977, 1993 and 2012).

Tasting notes:

Decanting: Just before serving
Tasting temperature: 8 -10°C

Beautiful, still youthful colour. Lovely nose of acacia flowers develops against a slightly woody background.The palate offers the volume and richness characteristic of a sweet wine, continuing into a well-balanced finish of candied and fresh fruit.
The overall impression remains fairly ethereal and floral, making it a perfect accompaniment to an exotic fruit sorbet, or a grilled lobster, or simply a delicious aperitif to enjoy among friends. 

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