Domaine E. Boeckel Pinot Blanc Reserve

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Pinot Blanc Reserve.jpg

Domaine E. Boeckel Pinot Blanc Reserve


A soft and delicate wine, it marries freshness with suppleness. It is an
agreeable, velvety, thirst quenching wine.

Terroir Chalky

Vinification and Maturing
Harvested manually; pneumatically pressed; the Must is allowed to settle and then filtered; slow, temperature controlled fermentation; matured in oak vats.

Drinking and Keeping
Serve between 8° and 10·.
Keep for up to 5 years

Serving suggestions
This wine goes well with most food, but notably seafood, simple country dishes, asparagus or hot oil fondue.

Special feature 
This wine represents a happy medium in the range of Alsace wines, between the dry and the sweet wines.


For 400 years the Boeckel family has had its roots firmly planted in the terroir of Mittelbergheim. In 1853, Frederic Boeckel, an established winemaker from the centre of the village founded the business which is today managed by the brothers Jean-Daniel and Thomas Boeckel, who are the fifth generation. 

The vineyard extends over 23 hectares which are owned by the estate, and these are complemented by the purchase of grapes from a further 20 hectares of vines. The majority of the vines are cultivated according to organic agricultural principles, and full certification is currently in progress.

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