Monmousseau Justin Monmousseau Pouilly Fume


Monmousseau Justin Monmousseau Pouilly Fume


100% Sauvignon Blanc. This grape variety gives its best results on chalky soils, where the wines of our blending are produced.

The grapes are pressed immediately after picking. After a slight decanting, the temperature of the fermentation is kept between 18 and 20°C. These low temperatures of fermentation give a ' fat ' character to the wine and enhance its roundness while correcting occasional bitter qualities. Once the alcoholic fermentation is completed, the wines are racked, stabilized and filtered. Usually within 6 months of being picked, the wine is bottled so as to preserve their bouquet.

Its clear colour is light yellow with slight green reflections. Its transparency will tend to become yellow with ageing. The aromas will truly develop only after a few months of bottling. They are dry, full-bodied, with an astonishing, light taste of gunflint. With time, this wine will develop more roundness since its aromas will integrate in harmony. Thus, the result will seem to be less dry.

Serve chilled, but not iced, around 8°C so as to appreciate fully the complexity of its bouquet and aromas. The POUILLY FUME ideally goes with seafood, fish in sauce or cooked in butter, but also with cooked pork meat, or if you have the ability try it with the famous rillons of Touraine. the famous rillons of Touraine. 

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