Monmousseau Rose d’Anjou

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Monmousseau Rose d’Anjou


Our wine is a blending of Cabernet Franc and Grolleau. The Cabernet provides the rosé wine with its structure. The Grolleau (or Groslot) is recommended for rosés wines, to which it provides its spirit and merriness. It is this grape variety, whose leaves redden in autumn, which gives a very special radiance to the Anjou slopes after the picking.

The grapes are pressed right after being picked and only the first pressing, having more condensed aromas, is selected with the ' juice of the drop '. Stored in vats, this wine is kept fermenting, without the skin, at low temperatures (14/15°C). It is bottled right at the beginning of spring so as to keep its freshness and bouquet.

A pale pink color, slightly salmon and translucent, seduces the eye. Semi-sweet, light in alcohol, very aromatic with red fruit smells, it is a ' summer wine ' par excellence

Serve it chilly at about 8°C. Perfect with poultry and white meat, it skillfully goes with all spring and summer meals. You can also appreciate it during hot sunny summer afternoons. 

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