Monmousseau Vouvray


Monmousseau Vouvray


Grape Variety
In the VOUVRAY appellation only the CHENIN BLANC, also called PINEAU or PINOT DE LA LOIRE is planted. Nowadays this grape is cultivated in many different countries, but in this region it finds optimal conditions: a special microclimate and perfect soil.

The wines for this Cuvée were selected with patience and care, the vinification took place at a low temperature. This method guarantees the fat character and nice roundness of the CHENIN BLANC and also corrects a possible bitterness.

Taste and Appearance
For this semi dry wine in full youth, there exists a beautiful straw yellow robe. The nose and the mouth are very complimentary seduced by some sweet apple aromas which then goes to lime. A remarkable balance between a tender and very aromatic structure, and the elegant touch of bitterness of the Chenin Blanc grape-variety. It is a wine for ageing that will develop with pleasure during 5 to 6 years keeping all its freshness. Drunk young they are vibrant and fresh with aromas of fruit Its color will go to some golden tones then slightly amber with age.

The list of meals, which harmonizes with this wine, is long... Exquisite as an aperitive, it will also fit very well with foie gras and rich meats. You can also marry it with fish, shells, poultry and in general with any creamy, saffron and spicy sauces. The best temperature to drink it is between 6 and 8°C (43°-46°F), not too cold.

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