Josef Friederich Bernkasteler Kurfurstlay, Spatlese


Josef Friederich Bernkasteler Kurfurstlay, Spatlese


The German township Bernkastel and its wines are well known all over the world. We

say this with good reason and prove it by our Bernkasteler Kurfürstlay Spätlese. Grown on steep, sunny and slaty

vineyards this wine provides us with the pleasure of a ripen, fruity taste like peach, lemon and pineapple. Elegant

notes of minerals - typical for the Riesling grape - give the wine structure and a harmonious balance. The wine

connoisseur is awarded by a longlasting, full bodied and tempting enyoyment. A real treat, for all friends of good


Serving suggestions: This Bernkasteler Kurfürstlay Spätlese is the first choice, when you are looking for a

classic, fruity and sweet wine from the Mosel valley. Serve it with meat and cream sauce, with pasta and potatoes

or with apple cake or any sweet dessert after a nice meal.

Try this wine just on its own - for the pleasure of enyoying a natural and fruity wine.

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