Antica Fratta Franciacorta Essence Rose


Antica Fratta Franciacorta Essence Rose


TYPE OF SOIL In part of moraine origin, loose, drained, with abundant skeleton.

TYPE OF GRAPES 55% pinot noir 45% Chardonnay from different Crus.

YIELD PER HECTARE 95 quintals per hectare, with a yield maximum allowed in must of 55%

YEAR Vintage 2010 and therefore obtained from the skilful assemblage of the best grapes of that year; the use of pinot noir, vinified in red gives a good body and structure and above all elegance, with a tannin content which is never aggressive.

HARVEST Between the end of August and early September when the grapes have reached the correct sugar ripeness but still have considerable acidity and freshness.

AGEING Over 42 months from harvesting, of which at least 30 on yeasts. After disgorgement, the bottles rest in the cellar for another 5-6 months.

COLOUR A soft shade of pink, with reflections that veer towards salmon pink and can vary slightly from one year to another, due to the different degree of ripeness of the pinot noir grapes.

BOUQUET Intense, of small red berries with aromas of fruit compote.

PALATE A good composition and structure, fragrant, intense, balanced, excellent persistence and a pleasant body

PERLAGE Fine and persistent, abundant and creamy mousse

ACCOMPANIMENTS Recommended throughout the meal, especially with pasta dishes, meat and fish. Ideal with excellent preserved meats and cheese

ALCOHOL: 13 % Vol
RESIDUAL SUGAR: 6,5 gr/litre
TOTAL ACIDITY: 6,2 grlitre/
TOTAL DRY EXTRACT: 21 grlitre/
PH 3,20
PRESSURE 5 atmospheres

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