Beppe Marino Brachetto Bramusa


Beppe Marino Brachetto Bramusa



The personality of this wine, typically Piedmontese, emanates from the service: a ruby red delicate COLOR, animated by a lively perlage. SMELL is soft, sweet and aromatic, while in the mouth it is characterized by the light body counter balanced by an intense flavor, and by a TASTE enveloping and full, low in alcohol and fresh. Is a wine that needs to be drunk young, before its hints are depleted. It is indicated for dessert: goes well in MATCHING with strawberries and red fruits in general, but also with the dark chocolate. It is also used as a basis for the preparation of fruit cocktails and as aperitif.


LOCATION OF THE VINEYARDS:  Piemonte - Langhe, Mango (CN)
METHOD: A soft pressing of the must makes a cold macera-tion start that lasts for 24/36 hours; the must ferments a first time in tanks at a controlled temperature for 7 days, followed by second fermentation. This one is stopped by the cold, then the wine is microfiltered and put in sterilized bottles with an isobaric method, for the maintenance of natural CO2.
COLOR: Delicate ruby red.
SMELL: Delicate bouquet with hints of primary Brachetto grape, lime blossom, rose, peach and berries.
TASTE: Full, fresh, balanced, with good structure and persi-stence. Delicately sweet.
FOOD MATCHING: Sweets in general or with fruit salad. Its best match is with strawberries and it is also a great base for cocktails or as an aperitif.

Alcohol:  6 %

Sugar: 125 gr/l

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