Branko Sauvignon Blanc


Branko Sauvignon Blanc


Grape(s) 100%Sauvignon

Area From 1.5ha of the Branko vineyards near Cormons

Vine density 5,500 vines per ha.

Training System Guyot

Harvest Hand harvested in the early morning

Vinification Must is kept for24 hoursat7C to precipitate the tartrates and then fermented at 15-18C. If malolactic fermentation starts naturally it is allowed to complete

it is not induced.

Aging Stainless steel vats

Branko’s richly aromatic and highly distinctive Sauvignon offers a range of perceptions reminiscent of pennyroyal, sage, rosemary and elderflowers, tempting the nostrils with a thrillingly satisfying aromatic banquet. The fragrances derive from the grape’s genetic heritage and Igor has chosen not to layer them with the elegant toasty nuances of maturation in small oak, a procedure which is not used with this wine type. Structure and savouriness find perfect balance.

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