Nera Rosso di Valtellina


Nera Rosso di Valtellina


Grape Produced only with Nebbiolo grapes, locally called "Chiavennasca", and with local hystoric grapes as Pignola and Rossola.

Features and curiosity According to the disciplinary measures of production of DOC "Rosso di Valtellina" must be aged at least 6 months.

Productivity ~ 80 q/Ha

Yield in wine 70%

Vineyards Falling on the raetic side from east to west with south exposition to the sun in the production zones of Rosso d Valtellina at an altitude between 250 and 700 meters ASL. Sandy soil, water permeable, moderatly deep.

Vinification Fermentation and maceration on the skins for about 7 days at a controlled temperature.

Aging 6 months in oak barrels, then in stainless steel tanks.

Organoleptic features Color bright light ruby red. Thin, persistent and characteristic scent. Dry, sapid and lightly tannic flavour.

Aging Medium ageing, about 34 years.

Gastronomical matching Pasta, risotto, fish, red and white meats, cheese.

Alcoholic content: 12% vol.

Service temperature 16°18° C.

Format and vintage 0,750  litre 2012

Total acidity ~ 5,3 g/l

Esctract ~ 21 g/l

Leaving sugars ~ 0 g/l

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