Stefano Accordini Valpolicella Classico D.O.C.


Stefano Accordini Valpolicella Classico D.O.C.


t's a wine obtained from two different kind of red grapes, both are medium body and moderate alcohol content. The colour is bright ruby, the bouquet is fresh and cherries. It should be drink young to get the best taste and its intense aroma.

Tasting Notes
Red ruby with hints of violets

Very intense fruits of the forest, cherries and raspberries.

In the begin feels the good volume, modulated bu soft and elagant tannins. Hints of spices integrated with light taste of mature fruits; in the end, tastes a good sapidity.

The wine take his aroma after been aged in stainless steel tanks and then two months more in bottle. 

Recommended with all dishes, but in particular with starter, soups, red and white meat but also lake fish.

We advice to serve it at 16-17°C. taking care to open the bottle some minutes before drinking.

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