Stefano Accordini Valpolicella Paxxo Rosso Del Veneto


Stefano Accordini Valpolicella Paxxo Rosso Del Veneto


Paxxo is the result of a careful project both viticultural and oenological, which intendns to fully exploit the experience of the company, in the withering of grapes and the production of Amarone. The grapes are harvested in small cases of 15-20 kg and left to dry and ventilated lofts until late November.

Tasting notes
Ruby red with touch of violet, great density in the glass express good structure.

Pleasantly spicy with hints of red currants and mature fruit.

Warm, soft, persistent with hint of dried fruit which is reminiscent of Amarone.

Paxxo is obtained via a careful choice of grapes varieties, each one in synergy with the others. This wine has been aged in French oak barriques for over 12 months, and then other 6 months in bottle.

This wine is very versatile; it combine well with all grilled meats, grill, roasts, every kind of red meat but also with mature cheeses.
Serve it at 17-18°C. to get the best from it.Take care to open the bottle at least 1 hour before drinking.

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