Foris Vineyards Gewurztraminer

2013 Gew.jpg
2013 Gew.jpg

Foris Vineyards Gewurztraminer


Harvested 9/20/13- 10/5/13
verage brix at harvest 23.7
Analysis at bottling 3.33 pH, 
TA 6.3 g/L
Alcohol 13.9% 

Foris wines are dened by the uniqueness of the Illinois Valley, home to our estate vineyards and winery. A part of the western most reaches of Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley Appellation, the valley is distinctive in its alpine attributes. Having been grape growers for over thirty-eight years, we have found that Alsace white varieties are especially well suited to our microclimate. As with all great vineyards the world over, our wine style is a reection of the nature of our vineyards. We strive for a purity of fruit and concentration of avors that result from all of our hard work in the vineyards. Following a warm harvest in 2012 we initiated night harvesting in 2013, and a very good thing that we did. e 2013 harvest started warm and fast, and night picking allowed us to preserve the vibrant fruit that our Alpine valley provides, and to get more fruit in and processed in great shape. Rain came towards the end of September, providing a break before bringing in the later ripening varieties, along with Gewürztraminer which comes in just before Riesling. With original plantings dating back to 1974, Foris is a steward to some of the oldest Gewürztraminer vineyards in Oregon. Gewürztraminer can be ckle to grow and to capture the exotic spice and perfume that is imbedded in the vibrant pink berries as it is transformed into wine. is is especially true when producing a dry style of Gewürztraminer, for which Foris is renowned. Delicate aromas of sweet peas and rose petals telegraph the oral qualities of the wine and lead into the peach and nectarine avors that fan out across the palate with moderate intensity. Lingering avors of Honeydew melon complement the lush texture of this dry wine and punctuate the refreshing nish. 

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