Post House Blueish Black

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Post House Blueish Black


42% Shiraz, 22% Pinotage, 18% Cabernet, 18% Merlot

The name Blueish Black refers to a term used in stamp collecting and how a stamp is described in a stamp catalogue. It refers to the description of a stamp in terms of its colour tint variation. A stamp which should have been mostly black but has blue undertones would be described as blueish black. The name also refers to the colour of the wine which has a dark blue tinge to the wine

Dark blueish black wine with good colour. A nose of mulberries,red currant and ripe strawberries with a hint of pepper and spice. Full bodied rich wine with supple soft tannins for easy drinking. 

Alcohol 14.0% vol

Extract 28.5 g/L

Residual sugar 2.8 g/L

Total SO2 60 mg/L

Total acid 4.8 g/L

pH 3.64

Maturation potential up to 4-5 years

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