Post House Missing Virgin

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Missing Virgin.jpg

Post House Missing Virgin


70% Pinotage, 30% Petit Verdot

The name Missing Virgin refers to a printing error on a Virgin Island stamp. 
The virgin figure was omitted from the stamp, hence the nick name, “Missing Virgin”. St. Ursula was a virgin martyr who lived between the third and fifth centuries A.D. She was born in Britain, avoided marriage to a pagan king and is believed to have been slain for her faith with 10,000 virgin companions at Cologne, Germany. Christopher Columbus named the Virgin Islands in her honor.

A full bodied rich wine with supple soft tannins but with a lively long finish. The nose has a hint of cinnamon, blue berries, fruit cake and wild heath.

Alcohol 15.5 % vol.

Skin contact Pinotage 6 days, Petit Verdot 9 days

Extract 32.0 g/L

Residual sugar 3.2 g/L

Total SO2 120 mg/L

Total acid 5.2 g/L

pH 3.71

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