Caparra & Siciliani Mastrogiurato Calabria Rosso


Caparra & Siciliani Mastrogiurato Calabria Rosso


Varietal Gaglioppo – Black Greco

Alcohol 14,00% Vol.

Color Thick, primarily granate that with maturing takes an orange tone.

Bouquet Of raspberry, of small fruits.

Tasting Notes
Mellow, because of the refinement in small wood strokes that contributes to attenuate the tannins that appear agreeable.

Mastro Giurato was the feudal official with jurisdictional and tributary powers. In the feudal lands, fairs and parties were organized by the Mastro Giurato, where it went by hoisting the real flag, followed by gentlemen and people to horse and afoot. At the end of the day it was organized a competition to fire at the target; the prizes there were three paliis of cloth of silk that were eposed. Finally in the evening the flag, among shout of eultation, was brought around the city and then preserved in the castle.

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