Fazio Aegades Grillo


Fazio Aegades Grillo


Producer Fazio Winery and vineyard in Erice

Area of production produced in the vineyards in the  DOC Erice territory in western Sicily

Grapes Grillo 100%

Altitude 300/350 mt. above sea level

Density 4.000 plants per ha. 

Production technique harvesting in boxes.
Destalked, cold maceration of the skins with the must (4° C). Soft press of the grapes and very slow temperature controlled fermentation. Cold bottling and refined in the bottle for 4 months

Type of wine White. Erice D.O.C.

Color yellow straw colour with gold reflections

Perfume characteristic perfume of Grillo, 
with marked notes of mature exotic fruit

Taste this white, mineral-rich wine boasts an elegant and complex structure, a supple and sapid taste, and citrus notes. A balanced palate leading to a lingering aftertaste

Bottle 75 cl - 13% Vol.

Best served at 9° C

Pairing ideal with sea food starters, 
white meat dishes, vegetable and fish. It best compliments with risotto ai frutti di mare (seafood risotto) and shellfish. Suitable for long aging in bottle

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