Bodegas Baron Xixarito Moscatel


Bodegas Baron Xixarito Moscatel


Type of wine: generous liquor.

Grape variety: Pedro Ximenez-Palomino Fino.

Denomination of origin: Jerez-Xérèz-sherry.

Average old age: 4-5 years.

Elaboration and ageing: The Medium is a generous liqueur wine made from a mixture or "nod" of a generous wine with a natural sweet wine. The base wines for the nod tend to be well amontillados or wines that, although they have been mainly aged by oxidative ageing for a period of 4-5 years, have also had a certain biological ageing.

Physical-Chemical characteristics:

Alcoholic strength: 15% Vol.

Sugar: 45-cloth 115gr/L.

Total acidity: 4,00-5.00 GR/L.

Volatile acidity: 0.5-0.7 gr/L.

Organoleptic characteristics: Dark mahogany colour, iodized edging and dense tear that stains the glass. On the nose shows Pasificados, roasted, honeyed notes and Licorosas.

In the mouth has an entrance with a certain density, good combination of sweetness and acidity and predominance of pasificados and toast.

Pairing: Az cheeses

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