Vega San Juan Penalegre Tempranillo


Vega San Juan Penalegre Tempranillo



Aged 12 months. A typical bull and vineyard from which it comes (limestone soil and altitude.) A great wine that does not need a great occasion to uncork. To take in company and, because no, with food.


Spain, with 1 million, is the first vineyard of the world in surface. Castilla y Leon is one of the largest regions in Spain and Europe. The DO Toro, established in 1987, Linda with D.O. Rueda and Zamora wine land. It extends by 2 providences (Zamora and Valladolid), maintains 58000 has of vineyard located between 650 and 850 meters of altitude. With a rainfall around 350 mm/year and withstands temperatures between-11 ° and 37 ° C.

Grape: Tinto de Toro, is the adaptation to the Toro area of the Tempranillo or Tinto Fino variety. Noble strain of Spanish red wine par excellence. The high level of Antocianico, provides high-coloured wines, fruity flavor, great finesse and quality, and prolonged ageing due to its low oxidative level. It is the main ink variety of the D.O. Toro.


Grade: 14.5%

PH: 3.8

Total acidity: 4.5 g/L d ' H2S04

Volatile acidity: 0.38 g/L d ' H2S04

Residual sugars: 2.1 g/L


Payment: Plateau of Franco-limestone composition with clay in subsoil.

Planting density: 1200 ceps/Ha in glass.

Climate: Continental (great variations of Ta day/night and Winter/summer). Great luminosity.

Average age Vines: 25 years

Performance: 31 HI/Ha

Origin/Location: Valdefinjas-Toro at more than 800 m altitude SNM.

ELABORACIÓN:Vendima: segunda quincena de Octubre. Perfecto estado sanitario y buena madurez fenólica. Vendima manual en caja de 20kg y selección manual en mesa antes y después del despalillado. Venificación: pre-fermentativa en frió. Fermentación alcohólica en depósitos de hormigón. Fermentación malolatica en tanques de acero inoxidable y/o barricas de segundo uso. Crianza: 12 meses en barrica de roble francés y americano.CATA:Vista: Limpio y brillante. Capa media-alta, colo rojo picota madura.Nariz: Nariz Fresca; fruta roja y ligera notas especiadas y sutil madera integrada.Boca: Intensidad media, equilibrado. Muy fresco, fruta roja, canela y ceniza.SUGERENCIAS: Embutido iberico, lechazo asado, pastel frió de chocolate blanco.Ta. SERVICIO: 14-16°CCONSUMO: Óptico 2014/2020Edit

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Development: Vendima: Second half of October. Perfect sanitary condition and good phenolic maturity. Manual Vendima in 20kg box and manual selection in table before and after the destemming. Venificación: Pre-fermentation in cold. Alcoholic fermentation in concrete tanks. Malolatica fermentation in stainless steel tanks and/or second use barrels. Ageing: 12 months in French and American oak casks. Tasting: View: Clean and shiny. Medium-high layer, ripe cherry red Colo. Nose: fresh nose; Red fruit and light spices and subtle notes of integrated wood. Mouth: Medium intensity, balanced. Very fresh, red fruit, cinnamon and ash. Suggestions: Iberian sausage, roasted lamb, cold white chocolate cake. Val Service: 14-16 °c Consumption: Optical 2014/2020

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